Remaining Hopeful through Infertility

Another negative pregnancy test. I stood dazed in the produce section of the local grocery store after the call came in this afternoon – the nurse notified me that this past cycle was unsuccessful. I continued to stand there for a bit, watching with blurry vision as people pushed their shopping carts around the aisles. I called my Hubby to let him know. I spoke … Continue reading Remaining Hopeful through Infertility

10 Bible Verses to Combat Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are real. But that doesn’t mean that God has left us defenseless against them. Over the twenty or so years that I have struggled with these illnesses, the Lord has enabled me to rely on Scripture to stand firm in my daily struggles. This does not mean I have always succeeded – many times I have allowed the whirlwind of mental illness … Continue reading 10 Bible Verses to Combat Depression and Anxiety