Joy Dare – Three Gifts Round

Friday was a special day. My Mom came to our house to visit, and to help out with several projects that I hadn’t had the energy to work on. Together we looked for “Three Gifts Round” for my Joy Dare Challenge. We had a fun time searching for them, and as always, God provided these blessings! The funny thing is that all three of the … Continue reading Joy Dare – Three Gifts Round

Baby Steps: Healthy Habits for the New Year!

Bad habits are difficult to break. And new, healthy habits are hard to make! But I want to begin this New Year with a few goals–baby steps–that will help me live more healthfully in 2015. I’ve tried dieting, and it didn’t work for me. I’ve thought about those weight-loss pills, but something always holds me back. So instead of moving in either of those directions, … Continue reading Baby Steps: Healthy Habits for the New Year!

Cold Evening, Warm Meal

It was quite cold outside tonight, so while I waited for my Hubby to get done work, I cooked a warm, tasty meal. The Pork Marsala turned out fairly well, and I added a buttered corn muffin to go along with it. I’ve used this recipe several times before, and would really recommend it to anyone looking for a quick but delicious meal. Here’s a link to the … Continue reading Cold Evening, Warm Meal