TerrifiedIs the way I feel right nowCan’t catch my breathBut I have to somehowMy heart is racingCan’t slow the beatMy face is flushedFrom so much heatMy head is throbbingFrom all of the thoughtsThat can’t be resolvedThough answers are sought I’m terrifed. . . BUT GOD. I must surrenderAll of the unknownsHe has our situationCompletely under controlAll our waiting and hopingIs not lost on GodThe prayers … Continue reading Surrender

Thankful Thursday – God Carries Our Burdens

I’ve been overwhelmed recently. Overwhelmed by questions that I don’t have answers to and decisions that we need to make as a family. The future seems so unclear and confusing. We ask God for wisdom, but sometimes no direction is forthcoming. And it all gets wrapped up in a big bundle that I feel on my back, weighing me down. But God doesn’t want that … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – God Carries Our Burdens